Hey You, Welcome!
Thanks for taking a look at my new slice of web.

I’m a software engineer and over the last six years or so i’ve been fortunate enough to meet some interesting people and had the opportunity to work on some really cool (and some not so cool) projects for all kinds of companies.

I think that everyone benefits from information-sharing, so from now on if I think something may interest other people in the software ‘space’ I will post it here and hope that it will be of use to someone else too. Articles I write here are probably going to be pretty development orientated so if you’re reading this, hopefully that’s your thing.

Right now i’m pretty focused working day to day with native mobile technologies including the big two iOS and Android. Its an area of development that I find very exciting because of its relative ‘newness’ there are new things popping up all the time, when today’s smart phones came along we took for granted that concepts from web and desktop would just translate and apply but as time goes on we find many examples where this is just not the case, this uncertainty and room for exploration is what excites me the most about mobile development.

I am going to start articles at first with a primary focus on native mobile development since right now thats mostly what i’m working on, so lets start there and see where it leads.

All aboard?

Great, watch this space while I grab an energy drink…

Luke Hines

Luke is a husband, father and software engineer who enjoys spending his time in a multitude of technologies. If he's not writing software then he's probably on a motorcycle.

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