Using Monsoon Power Monitor with iPhone 5s


Sometimes you have to dig deep in search of optimization; one such place is power usage. Unfortunately Apple’s energy profiling tool with its ‘relative’ energy usage statistics just don’t always give you the clarity you require.

The solution: ‘Power Monitor’ from Monsoon Solutions. It claims to replace the battery of most mobile devices and provide true statistics of power use in real-time, in-fact it’s so good it’s even referenced in Google’s android documentation.

There seems to be a lot of information available for the Power Monitor relating to use with devices where the user can easily remove the battery, but what about a ‘sealed’ handset like the iPhone? Well it’s entirely possible and here’s how to use the Monsoon Solution Inc Power Monitor with an iPhone 5s…

Please Note : You follow this guide at your own risk, I won’t be held responsible for whatever happens to your hardware or your health. Please take precautions as lithium-iron batteries can be volatile if tampered with.

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