’s insecure redaction technique

Someone asked me what I knew about the payment provider ‘Payeer’ as an alternative to Paypal, this prompted me to do a small bit of research and check them out. One thing that caught my eye was a feature on the marketing front page of that appeared to be leaking real-time customer transaction details because of badly implemented redaction.

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MIDI Translation From Guitar Pro 6 to Addictive Drums 2

Download my Pro2Addict tool: MacWindowsLinuxSource Code

Download from links above or keep reading for some insight into the solution.

MIDI files are the universal standard for music data such as musical notes, when they are played and how long each note is held. They work great for the majority of instruments that follow a standard notation; however there are some inconsistencies when interpreting music for percussion instruments.

I encountered these inconsistencies when trying to move a drum composition from Guitar Pro 6 into Addictive Drums 2; the way in which drum notes are recorded in the MIDI format means that one program may interpret them completely differently to another.

My solution to this was to write a tool that translates .mid files originally written in Guitar Pro 6 (GP6) to the format understood by Addictive Drums 2 (AD2).

Currently the only solution and advice I have come across is to “re-write your composition in AD2” so this should be a better way.

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Using Monsoon Power Monitor with iPhone 5s


Sometimes you have to dig deep in search of optimization; one such place is power usage. Unfortunately Apple’s energy profiling tool with its ‘relative’ energy usage statistics just don’t always give you the clarity you require.

The solution: ‘Power Monitor’ from Monsoon Solutions. It claims to replace the battery of most mobile devices and provide true statistics of power use in real-time, in-fact it’s so good it’s even referenced in Google’s android documentation.

There seems to be a lot of information available for the Power Monitor relating to use with devices where the user can easily remove the battery, but what about a ‘sealed’ handset like the iPhone? Well it’s entirely possible and here’s how to use the Monsoon Solution Inc Power Monitor with an iPhone 5s…

Please Note : You follow this guide at your own risk, I won’t be held responsible for whatever happens to your hardware or your health. Please take precautions as lithium-iron batteries can be volatile if tampered with.

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Adding your own GPS data to the iOS Simulator

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 21.09.47

If you want to simulate GPS data in the iOS simulator you have two choices, Apples ‘real’ data (City run, freeway drive ect) or you can choose a single lat,long to simulate being in a static location, but… what if we want to simulate our own motorcycle ride or boat journey and work with ‘real’ GPS data in the simulator?

My open source tool ‘XJourney‘ (Available HERE) achieves just this. Using XJourney you can put your own GPS data into the iOS simulator to simulate a full GPS Journey just like Apple’s own.

So this article’s aim is to shed some light on how Apple’s GPS test data is stored in the simulator and describe the process that XJourney now automates.

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How to build a tidy customer-facing iOS library / framework


It’s coming to the end of a project and the deliverable is a library for iOS. A lot of devs/agencies are happy to distribute a .zip with the prebuilt .a, separate .h files and resources, but there is a cleaner, more customer friendly way: We package everything into a .framework & .bundle then distribute these as a .dmg.

We then move from giving customers a .zip with lots of different components that they have to import into their Xcode project, to a single .framework and .bundle that they can just drop right in and use, this also makes it easier for customers in-future should they want to move to an updated version of the library.Hit ‘Read more’ to find out how
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Experiencing re:develop 2014 conference


This was the 1st year of re:develop, a 1 day developers conference with the aim of sharing trends, techniques and insight as to where the future of development may lead. The conference’s primary target audience seemed to be web developers and most of the people I talked to at the event were PHP devs, that being said, although I have web development experience I don’t consider myself a ‘Web’ Developer but even-so I,
One: really enjoyed every talk given,
Two: feel that this conference gave a lot of new ideas and inspiration.

I first heard about re:develop while visiting the Bournemouth ODL (Open Device Labs) along with some colleagues, Jon at the ODL mentioned he was currently doing some organisation for the event, he opened up the website to show us some of the event’s speakers, mentioned an after party and tickets were soon booked (Courtesy of my employer).

What follows is a small paragraph on each talk to give you a feel of what was covered at the 2014 event.

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Mobile test automation, an overview

I’m writing this article to give you an overview of some of the most commonly used mobile test automation tools available for iOS and Android, this is not an exhaustive list of tools available and i’m only going to cover the top 5 solutions (Counting the iOS and Android ‘default’ tools as one) I will also throw in my thoughts at the end. The ‘top 5’ was determined by their support in online test automation providers such as Appthwack, Saucelabs and Testdroid. you don’t need an online provider to use any of these solutions as they can all be run locally, but if you want to test against as many devices as possible the online services sure come in handy.

So if you’re looking into mobile test automation, hopefully this post can point you towards the right tool for your project.

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Adding files to xcode projects from command line

There are projects where building from terminal is so convenient that i’ve used it in a lot of scripts, however there is a drawback to this technique and I hope to solve it in this article, and that is drawback is

Currently there is no way of adding files to a project without opening up Xcode and doing it manually.

For automated builds this is a major drawback! Want to dump resources into your project and build from command line? Too bad your gonna have to open up Xcode and add the files to the project yourself. Want to use a separate IDE to create your .h and .m files then build the project through a script? again too bad…

I was pretty surprised at this, so I set out to research the ‘.xcodeproj’ file format and find a solution. (Hit “Read more” to continue the article)

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Hey You, Welcome!
Thanks for taking a look at my new slice of web.

I’m a software engineer and over the last six years or so i’ve been fortunate enough to meet some interesting people and had the opportunity to work on some really cool (and some not so cool) projects for all kinds of companies.

I think that everyone benefits from information-sharing, so from now on if I think something may interest other people in the software ‘space’ I will post it here and hope that it will be of use to someone else too. Articles I write here are probably going to be pretty development orientated so if you’re reading this, hopefully that’s your thing.

Right now i’m pretty focused working day to day with native mobile technologies including the big two iOS and Android. Its an area of development that I find very exciting because of its relative ‘newness’ there are new things popping up all the time, when today’s smart phones came along we took for granted that concepts from web and desktop would just translate and apply but as time goes on we find many examples where this is just not the case, this uncertainty and room for exploration is what excites me the most about mobile development.

I am going to start articles at first with a primary focus on native mobile development since right now thats mostly what i’m working on, so lets start there and see where it leads.

All aboard?

Great, watch this space while I grab an energy drink…